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We offer a fun, safe space where your furry friend enjoys playtime, exercise, and socializing under professional, loving care.
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Home Away From Home

Paw Print Inn Boarding Kennel is owned and operated by the Prince Albert SPCA. Our facility is warm and cozy; the dogs are kept in kennels suitable for their size. We have 34 inside/outside covered dog kennels, 1 shared indoor community boarding room for our small breed guests, 3 dog rooms to accommodate multi-family pets and 5 large outdoor play areas. Our feline guests are given their own “cat condo” to stay in and have play time in our bright, sunny cat room.

Our Services

Prices do not include tax. GST will be added.
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Day Care

1 dog $22/day
Second dog $18/day

Day Care Punch Cards

Single Dog:

  • 5 Day Punch Card $100
  • 10 Day Punch Card $200
  • 20 Day Punch Card $380

Two Dogs:

  • 5 Day Punch Card $180
  • 10 Day Punch Card $370
  • 20 Day Punch Card $750
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Dog Boarding

Small Dog Kennel (4ft X 6ft)

  • 1 Dog $30/Night
  • Additional Dogs $24/Night

Large Dog Kennel (4ft x 8ft)

  • 1 Dog $30/Night
  • Additional Dogs $28/Night

Dog Room (Max 5 Dogs)

  • 1 Dog $41/Night
  • 2nd Dog $34/Night
  • Additional Dogs $28/Night
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Cat Boarding

1 cat $17/Night
Additional cat $14/Night

Reduced Fees

Reduction applicable on fees – Commencing on the 15th day and on 10% reduction given after 14
day stay.

Add-Ons/Additional Services

  • Stuffed Kongs (with Peanut Butter or Cheese Whiz) - $3.00
  • CatNip Toys $2.00 each
  • Bath $20.00
  • Medication $2.00 per day

Services Included In Boarding Fees:

  • Baths as required
  • Toys to play with
  • Daily playing
  • Resting times
  • Covered outdoor kennels
  • Turn out pens
  • Stainless Steel food & water dishes
  • Large condo for cats
  • Inside play area for cats

We sell Pet Licenses For Residents In The City Of Prince Albert


$25 if your pet is fixed or under the age of 6 months

$75 if your pet is 6 months and over and NOT fixed

Licenses are required to be renewed for January 1st of every calendar year. They can be purchased here at the Paw Print Inn, The Prince Albert SPCA or City Hall

Tours of our facility are available 7 days a week during our business hours.


Can I still board my dog if he/she is not fixed?

Absolutely! Your pet(s) do not have to be fixed in order to board within our facility. However we will never pair unfixed males and females together in outdoor play groups. We also will not board unfixed males and females (while the female is in heat) in the same kennel, even if they are from the same home.

Can my dogs share a kennel?

Absolutely! For the comfort of your dogs, we encourage you to board them together in a kennel so they have the companionship of each other. It is not required, if your pets would prefer space away from each other they can be kenneled separately.

The amount of dogs that can fit together in a kennel will greatly depend on the size of your dogs and the size of a kennel you choose. For example, the small kennels can fit up to 2 small breed dogs or 1 medium/large dog. The large kennels can fit 4-5 small breed dogs, up to 2 medium/large breed dogs, or 1 X-large breed dog (such as a great dane). The dog rooms can fit up to 5 medium/large sized dogs or up to 3 X-large sized dogs

Can my pet socialize with other pets?

Yes! For both cats and dogs alike, we offer the opportunity for them to make friends and socialize with other pets with the approval of the owners. If your dog or cat enjoys the company of others, we are happy to give them the opportunity to make friends. It is not required, but an opportunity for socializing for your pet if you would like. It is incredibly important for our team to ensure the animal’s safety and wellbeing during their stay, and will use our best discretion when pairing pets for socializing and outdoor time.

  • In our Cat Room, the cats are let out of their kennels throughout the day to catch the sun rays, play on our variety of cat trees, and play with toys in the room. At the request of owners we will allow the felines to socialize and play as a community group. However if your feline prefers their own space, we will give them time on their own to enjoy the room to roam throughout the day and the other felines will remain secured in their individual condos.
  • We provide 5 large outdoor pens for the dogs to exercise, use the bathroom and  play with friends. One pen is a jump-proof pen, to ensure that if your dog is a fence climber, they will be secure outdoors and still enjoy the freedom of running and playing. At the owners request, we will partner dogs up with similar dogs (in size and behavior) to socialize and play. However not every dog wants to make friends, so for those who enjoy their own space, they will be provided plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoor pens individually.
My pet requires medication, is that something you can give?

Yes! We are happy to provide any medical requirements for your pet to ensure they follow their normal daily routine. We ask you to provide our team a bit of background of the need for the medication to ensure we are closely monitoring any health concerns, as well as directions for the meds to ensure we stay to your schedule.

What do I need to bring with my pet?

We aim to have your pet’s experience here at the Paw Print Inn, as close to home as possible. Please bring the following items with your pet(s):

  • Collar and leash
  • Food (only required for Boarding)- we will ask you to provide our team with a description of your normal feeding routine, how frequent and how much you feed, so we can keep with your pet’s normal feeding routine.
  • Toys, treats, bedding- you can bring a bit of home with them during their stay, however it is not required as we do have beds and treats on hand at the facility.
What if I need to cancel my booking?

Things come up and life changes, and we are here to work with you and your needs. We require 24 hours of advanced notice for canceling your booking. If you do not provide a 24 hour notice, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee (if your booking comes up to a cost lower than $50, we will charge the cost of the booking). This is to ensure that we have time to provide another client the opportunity to book in that kennel if you will not be bringing in your pet.

What is your Small Dog Community Room?

Starting in 2024, we have renovated our old “Groom Room” into a Small Dog Community Room to provide more accommodations for small breed dogs. This room will be available for both daycare and boarding, for small breed dogs. In order to be booked into this room your pet must be good with other small breed dogs, as it will be a shared community room.

The dogs boarded within this community room will be allowed to free-roam the room throughout the day, and will be secured into individual kennels overnight.

If possible, we ask you to bring your dog’s kennel for their stay as we have a limited amount of kennels on hand within the room. Dogs in the shared community room will be fed separately, to ensure that they continue with their normal diet. We will not have food available in the room other than designated feeding times, where the dogs will eat while secure in their kennels.

What vaccines are my pet(s) required to have in order to book them at your facility?

Vaccinating your pet is very important for the safety of not only your pet, but also those of others who are staying with us. Vaccinations help protect your pet from diseases that are different (in some cases) than those that humans can get. For this reason, upon arriving for the first visit, all owners MUST provide documentation from your vet that show up-to-date vaccinations for your pet. If you are unable to locate their health card, most vets will fax a copy of their health record to us at your request. Failure to provide documentation will result in your booking being cancelled.

Required vaccinations for each pet:


  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Bordatella
  • Rabies


  • Distemper
  • Rhinotrachetitis
  • Chlamydia
  • Calicivirus
  • Rabies

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